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Small - £7.75

Medium - £11.75

example contents


Potatoes -500g

Carrots - 500g

Onions - 450g

Broccoli - 300g

Courgette - 350g

Gem lettuce - 1



(eggs shown are          £2.20)

example contents


Potatoes - 1kg

Carrots - 500g

Leeks - 400g

Broccoli - 400g

Courgette - 400g

Battavia lettuce - 1 piece

Spinach - 300g

Vine Tomatoes - 400g


(eggs shown are       £2.20)

6 items

8 items

Large - £20.75

example contents


Potatoes - 1.8kg

Carrots - 1kg

Onions - 800g

Broccoli - 400g

Courgette - 400g

Green lettuce - 1 piece

Spinach - 350g

Rocket - 150g

Red Kuri squash - 1

Vine tomatoes - 400g

Parsnips - 500g

Leeks - 400g

Cavello nero kale - 300g





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What's in a box?

Potatoes, carrots and onions/leeks are in on a regular basis.

We vary the other items from week to week to keep it interesting.

These other items also change according to what's in season.

Customize your standard box

Can't stand a particular vegetable?


Or perhaps you grow some yourself and don't need more of it delivered.


You can let us know when ordering

 and we will either swap it for another item or double up on an item already in the box.

Everyone gets the same

While the produce varies from week to week, all customers get the same vegetables as each other in any given week.


This enables us to keep the price down by buying in bulk and cutting down on adminstration.


12 -13 items


Whatever you want

Choose from our complete range of produce  to make your own customized box.


Minimum order of £12

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